Home Theatre

Custom home theatre surround-sound system packages designed and installed, with optional wireless control.

Have the big screen surround sound experience at home

Home and Vision designs and installs home theatre systems tailored to each customer’s needs. Whether you are interested in a dedicated room or simply adding surround sound to your lounge or family room, we have a solution to meet your needs as well as your budget.

No more unsightly black boxes or cables

Gone are the days where a Home Theatre overpowered your room with big towering speakers, cables and amplifiers. Home and Vision specialise in “discreet theatres” with everything hidden from view. Speakers can be mounted in the ceiling and painted to suit, screens and projectors can retract into the ceiling when not in use, and racks of equipment can be located in a nearby cupboard. Family room one minute and at the push of a button a fully fledged Home Theatre. All of this without compromising sound quality or control.

Sophisticated home theatre technology made simple

We’ll advise you on the best home theatre equipment options for your needs, in simple language you can understand. We’ll also support you with training and any help you need to get the most enjoyment from your home theatre system. Don’t worry about the complexities of the technology… we’ll make it easy for you.