Home security with options for door and gate access control, cameras, video monitoring, and remote management.

Surveillance Cameras with night vision

A surveillance camera positioned above the front door or overlooking the driveway provides the security of knowing who’s outside your property. Cameras can be viewed on any TV set in the house. We can also integrate this with the intercom button to turn on the main TV automatically and select the right camera. Cameras are fully waterproof, with infrared night vision. When connected to a digital video recorder you have the ease of knowing that all motion detected events are being recorded and are able to be played back upon demand. You can access the system anywhere on your home LAN or remotely via Internet.

Sensors that blend into your home

Our security systems detect unauthorised entry by using an optional combination of door and window opening sensors, glass break sensors, and interior motion sensors. The interior motion sensors can be bypassed to allow freedom of movement inside your home, while protecting doors and windows.

iPhone Security Control Away From Home

Control your security system while your away from home, turn the alarm on or off, open the front door for someone you know, or open the garage door. Complete control even away from home.

Integrated Smoke detectors

Smoke Sensors offer the best safety protection you can get because they detect the most dangerous type of fire – the slow, smouldering type that gives off a lot of deadly smoke. Our advanced sensors sound the alarm at the first sign of smoke, giving occupants time to escape. When combined with an intelligent lighting system, we can give you a path of light to exits should a fire occur at night.

Alarm Monitoring

Should an alarm occur while you are out, we can have the system call your cell phone, send you a text or email or have it call a 24/7 monitoring company.

Security thats simple to operate

Although highly sophisticated, our security systems are remarkably simple to operate, securing your home with push button ease. We can also install modules which add special capabilities to your system, like opening a garage door or controlling lights.