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Home and Vision has been in business for 16 years. Most of the work is done by myself, director Simon Stent. From sales through to support, I offer you a personalised service, without communication hassles between salesmen, technicians, and support clerks that can happen with bigger companies. I’ll also provide training once the installation is completed so you can get the most enjoyment from your investment.


“An excellent standard of workmanship”

Simon Stent (from Home and Vision) and I have been working together on various projects for almost 5 years now. I have always found Simon to be honest, reliable and to have an excellent standard of workmanship and attention to detail. As one of Simons main suppliers we work together to secure business from major builders, developers and architects. Simon has never let me down yet and is my 1st recommendation for any job in his field. I would be happy to elaborate any time.

Mathew Isaac

“Various options in plain English”

He could explain the merits of the various options in plain English….he was impartial re brands, focus was on our needs, price range etc…

Martin & Lynn Plom

“We are pleased”

The outcome was superb, flexible and easy to use… We found Simon and his team easy to deal with, reliable and very professional… responsive to our requests for assistance, which we are pleased to say was minimal…

Paul & Susan La Franchie

“Everybody loves using the iPad interface”

I’d had previous experience of home automation and in planning our new home I wanted a system which would accommodate the desired functionality without presenting a daunting prospect for the rest of the family. Everybody loves using the iPad interface, the result being (as you suggested, Simon) the light switch adjacent to it never gets used. Simon worked with us to fine-tune the system to our requirements, including the successful incorporation of a couple of innovative items – my favourite being the automatic operation of the bathroom extractor fans.


“The quality of the installations I have seen is second to none”

This is a letter of reference for Simon Stent from Home and Vision. Simon has been a customer of mine for approximately 18 months. He buys home automation product from my company. In the time he has been a customer, he has kept his account current and I would rate him as an A1 customer. I have been fortunate to view some of the installations he has done. The quality of the installations I have seen is second to none. I would gladly recommend Simon to any person or company who is looking at installing any form of Home Automation or Audio Visual systems. I would be happy to discuss further should you have any other queries.

Leonard Naera

“I am thrilled with the result”

imon of Home and Vision was referred to me by a builder friend who is slow to praise so I was able to proceed with confidence and have Simon supply and install my electronics. I am thrilled with the result, the installation was timely and tidy, everything works and sounds better than I had hoped and the one time I needed a call back Simon was there promptly. I am happy to commend Simon and his company as trustworthy and reliable.


“he lives and breathes this work”

I’m very grateful to have found Simon to help with the installation of my home cinema in Devonport Auckland. Simon is a wizard, he knows his stuff and is the only person I would set loose in my HT. Without Simons input my dream cinema would have never come true. I gave him a very comprehensive and complex install job, certainly not your average run of the mill. Nothing ever daunts Simon, he’s like a “dog with a bone”, he never lets go until he has it mastered. I needed someone with heaps of patience and was prepared to go the extra mile, few can work with me as I’m such a perfectionist who requires precise detail. Simon never lost his cool with me, and gave me everything I asked for to create the wonderful cinema presentation I desired. This was not an easy job, but Simon mastered it beyond my wildest dreams! It’s almost like a challenge to Simon to be asked “can you make this or that happen” he hangs in there until he does it! Simon is a true craftsman, he lives and breathes this work and it shows. He’s also a really nice person and through my job we became friends. I have access to a number of installers since I’m in the industry, but there is no one I could recommend to the same degree as Simon. His work can be seen here: http://www.rapalloav.co.nz/blog/rapallo-home-cinema-build

Murray Thompson

“The workmanship is some of the best I have seen and the outcome fantastic”

I wanted to thank you for the outstanding job you have done on my system. This job was reasonably complex due to the low roof and some of the hardware components I wanted to use so I must thank you for your perseverance and efforts. The workmanship is some of the best I have seen and the outcome fantastic. I am going to do some more renovations soon so will probably have to get some more rooms done - I will come back to you!!

Steve Haddock

“The outcome was a superb, flexible and easy to use Multizone system”

Home & Vision was engaged by ourselves to plan and install our sound and vision requirements for our new home we completed in Dec 03. Our brief to Simon was to provide a solution that enabled us to play or display any source device including Radio, TV, Security Camera, Sky, CD Player, VHS, DVD and PC based sound and video images to various areas in our home along with a LAN and PABX system. The outcome was a superb flexible and easy to use Multizone system for entertainment while providing a flexible PC and internet infrastructure for the home and associated telephone system. We found Simon and his team to be easy to deal with, reliable and very professional. He handled all installation work while working with us to decide on which devices to use. He supplied some source items while we supplied others. Since the installation Simon has proved to be reliable and responsiveness to our requests for assistance, which we are pleased to say, was minimal. We have no hesitation in recommending Home & Vision as an excellent supplier of leading edge home entertainment and communication systems.

Paul & Susan La Franchie

“I was definitely not disappointed”

The outcome was superb, flexible and easy to use… We found Simon and his team easy to deal with, reliable and very professional… responsive to our requests for assistance, which we are pleased to say was minimal…

Scott Simpson

“We are extremely satisfied with the solution provided”

We have just completed our new home in Auckland and used Home & Vision for our audio visual supply and installation. I spent many months doing significant research, searching the web, visiting various retail outlets/suppliers and getting various proposals on our sound system and home theatre. The difficulty I faced was trying to determine what was the best solution for us. A friend had just completed a new home and spoke highly of the person (company) they used for their sound, visual and security system - Simon Stent. The same week our electrician also recommended Simon Stent. Bottom line is we are extremely satisfied with the solution provided by Home & Vision. We installed a home theatre, with projector, speakers, receiver, DVD, CD etc, as well as a multi zone (indoor, outdoor) sound system for the main living areas. Some experiences from working with Simon Stent were: - he could explain the merits of the various options in plain English - he was impartial re brands, focus was on our needs, price range etc - he was prompt in his responses - his installation work was to a very high standard and precise - his after installation support is excellent After the positive experiences of working with Simon, we also used Simon to provide our PABX telephone system, install external gate audio visual equipment, etc. Our only regret is that we should have used him for our security system - with rapidly changing technology and Simon's impartial view, we would likely have got a better solution than that provided by our electricians.

Martin & Lynn Plom

“Highly commend Simon for his excellent workmanship”

This letter is to confirm that Simon Stent (Home & Vision) is a qualified Installer of our Niles Custom products. This qualification involves on-going product & industry training, and a familiarity with a wide variety of Audio & Video equipment as well as the integration of product from other disciplines such as Security, Phone, Computer Networking, TV & SKY distribution, Home Automation and more. Simon has been specialising in high-end audio & video products for the past five years and is considered by Sound Group Holdings to be one of our top "Premium Installers". As such we regularly use Simon ourselves for assistance with trade show displays and any in-house installation requirements we may have. We have been involved with a number of Home & Vision installations and can highly commend Simon for his excellent workmanship and attention to detail. Simon's own showhome is testament to the high standard of design & installation that he achieves for his clients. In summary, we are very happy to recommend Simon to any potential client.

Philip Beardsmore

“I am very impressed”

Thanks for your great workmanship and assistance with choosing my new stereo system. I am very impressed with the sound from the Yamaha RX-V1500 and Niles HD-LRS In walls. I was very surprised that speakers that would fit into my 75x50 walls would sound so great. They not only sound great but look good to. Its good not having the wife complain about the speakers spoiling the looks of the house. She didn't notice the Niles CM5HD ceiling mounted surrounds until I pointed them out. It was defiantly worth having matching surrounds; it's amazing the amount of information that comes out of them. I listen to a lot of music DVD's so it's important that all speakers sound good. I appreciate the trouble you and your supplier went to , importing a Niles centre HD-CTR freestanding speaker to meet my requirements. The Yamaha DVD-C950 multi disk, multi format player has made my life easier. It's great to be able to load up a mixture of CD's and DVD's and play as I choose without jumping up and down all the time. The quality of the picture and sound is great. Pink Floyd's "Dark Side of the Moon" SACD is unreal. Thanks again for a great all round system that sounds great and looks cool to. I appreciate the trouble you went to in installing and supplying me with a great system at a good price.


“Simon showed an in-depth understanding of his industry”

Spaceline Homes is a Division of Fletcher Residential Limited and is a builder of spec and contract homes in the East Auckland region. Spaceline on occasions builds showhomes designed to display to clients, prospective clients and real estate agents the type of homes that we build, the quality of them. We use such Showhomes as a platform for people to visit while gathering information when looking for a new home. In recent times we have had an increasing number of requests from our clients to integrate home theatre and general entertainment requirements to their homes Spaceline chose to develop this trend by building a complete home theatre and audio distribution system into its latest showhome. Home and Vision and its proprietor Simon Stent were recommended to us to undertake the design and installation of this system for our showhome. Simon showed an in-depth understanding of his industry and provided us with a system appropriate to both our needs and budget. Installation was handled with little fuss and worked in well with our construction processes. His after sales service has been outstanding. I am more than happy to recommend Home and Vision to anyone looking to utilise it's services and would have no problems if anyone was to contact me for further information regarding our dealings with them.

Wilson Hawes