The real power and benefits of home automation are realised when you implement whole home control, giving you command of all the systems in your home with one simple touch of a button.

What is Home Automation

Home Automation is the integration and control of lighting, security, home theatre equipment, motorised blinds and curtains, irrigation systems, climate control and more. A true ‘smart’ home should be intuitive and simple to use, meaning everyone in the family can operate and enjoy the experience. The result is a ‘smart’ system that enhances and simplifies your life and never complicates it.

All The Technologies From One Devcice

Total home control from one device, here you can control everything from alarms to lighting, leave the house with a touch of a button to turn off all the lights, set the alarm and lock the doors. Fully customizable to suit your needs.

making it easy

There are some simple yet powerful lifestyle advantages in installing a Home Automation system…… comfort, convenience, safety, savings. The beauty of home automation is that it’s as little or as much as you want it to be and it’s as individual as you are.

one button arrival

With one button press from your keyfob, your alarm system is disarmed and you have lit a pathway to the kitchen – up the long hallway and past the living room – turned on the multi-room audio system to hear your favourite tunes and activated the air conditioner to set the house to the perfect temperature. Your home automation system does much more than provide safe access……it’s your key to a comfortable and welcoming environment.