Want to control your house from 1 device? Need a security upgrade? Perhaps a new home theatre room for you and the kids? We cover all the options to suit your home and family.

ipad control

Our iPad control system is a user-friendly alternative to a myriad of individual equipment remotes in your house.


Adjust the appearance of your home and entryways or co-ordinate interior and exterior lighting to create the perfect balance.

home theatre

Custom home theatre surround-sound system packages designed and installed, with optional wireless control.


With one button press from your keyfob, your alarm system is disarmed and you have lit a pathway to the kitchen – up the long hallway and past the living room – turned on the multi-room audio system to hear your favourite tunes and activated the air conditioner to set the house to the perfect temperature.


Have you ever wished that you could play your favourite CD on your stereo and have it follow you through the house, room to room? We can make it possible.


Home security with options for door and gate access control, cameras, video monitoring, and remote management.